Launched to Raise Money for Charities, Wristbands for Charities- Powered by Zacuto

How can the general public help with the Coronavirus pandemic? Zacuto has an idea and quickly puts it into action!  Zacuto, an industry leader that designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality filmmaking accessories launches, a ecommerce site to purchase 100% silicone, latex free wristbands and 40% of the proceeds are donated directly to charities fighting COVID-19 like Red Cross, No Kid Hungry and WHO COVID-19 Response Fund.  Wristbands for charity- this is something that everyone can get involved with and spread awareness by wearing wristbands with various phrases and colors like “#socialdistancing” and “wash your hands”! 


“These are trying times for every business, especially small businesses, and Zacuto was not immune to the coronavirus. While still operating the Zacuto business, we sat back and said, how can we contribute, help mobilize the filmmaking community, and maintain as much staff as possible? Corona Wristbands, an affordable consumer product with 40% of the proceeds donated directly where it is needed… WHO, Red Cross and other charities. They desperately need the money”. Steve Weiss, Director, Zacuto USA

 Thankfully due to some long standing Chinese partnerships that help with some of their electronic viewfinder supplies, Zacuto is able to purchase some PPE to help with the shortage. They have N95 masks for medical staff and KN95 masks for the general public to protect themselves.  According to a 3M™ article, KN95 masks are the China equivalent to the N95 and offer the same 95% filter performance as the N95 but aren’t approved for use in hospitals thus making them a great option for the general public and saving N95 for American medical professionals. 

A full line up of Corona wristbands and KN95 masks are available now at Every little bit helps, help us fight the pandemic!

wristbands for charity #coronawristbands is dedicated to helping the everyday citizen do their part in helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Buy a wristband and 40% of the proceeds immediately goes to charities!